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Are private 10 minutes emails a risk for government?

For people who are involving in government businesses using 10 minutes email in business is legal in Texas. In Texas, A&M Univeresity that have 6 investigations about emails sent and received by A&M University. People judged Hillary Clinton for managing her private email in government business and that had an impact on election. However, using private emails […]

You should try out – Blog

This artical trends to the new temporary email address features of mine. The initial Temp email launch was very successful because they wanted to provide their users with more features and functionality. They listened to the communities’s ideas and feedback, and are now proud to launch the version. You could read more about […]

Making Disposable Emails – Three Benefits – Blog

In the modern world of today, people needs more than a single email address. It is very necessary in many cases such as you’re going to make more than a few Twitter accounts or just separate your work and personal emails. You need to have at least two emails. Using just one can become slightly […]

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