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Earth’s ocean was stagnant and stinking for a billion years — here’s why that’s exciting

Geologists have dubbed Earth’s middle age the “boring billion”. Occurring some 1,800 to 800 million years ago, it has long been considered a period when little happened on Earth in terms of biological evolution, climate, or the chemistry of the oceans and atmosphere. But emerging evidence now suggests that the “boring billion” may have been […]

Disney’s new anti-vibration tech maps CGI movements onto robots

Researchers from Disney have developed software for mapping CGI motion animations to actual robots – without any of the unwanted outcomes of porting virtual movements to the physical world. The researchers note that while it’s fairly easy to create virtual characters with a wide degree of motion, translating those movements to real robots presents a challenge due […]

Maserati’s new luxury SUV transforms from hot rod to off-roading beast

The car sure-footedly descended from what felt like a cliff’s edge. (Maserati/) A turbocharged, Ferrari-built 590-horsepower 3.8-liter V8 engine makes the Levante Trofeo the most powerful production Maserati in the company’s storied history. The $169,980 vehicle is also the most exclusive, thanks to the availability of 400,000 option combinations, plus Maserati’s available personalization program. For […]

UK judge slams Craig Wright’s defamation case against Roger Ver

A UK judge has dismissed a defamation case filed by Craig Steven Wright, Bitcoin‘s self-proclaimed creator, against Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver. The case was thrown out of court on grounds that it was “weak,” “lacking in detail,” and “inappropriate.” High Court Judge Sir Matthew Nicklin said there was little evidence to support Craig Wright‘s […]

Strong storms can bring dangerous invaders

A forest. (Pexels/) Powerful winds can topple trees and tear up shrubs in the forest, and this can create an opening for invaders—plants that don’t belong there. To learn more about this post-storm phenomenon, scientists decided to take an up-close and personal look. This can be grueling, as Eric Larson and Melissa Daniels discovered: For […]

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