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Lamborghini built a supercapacitor into its Sián hybrid for a faster, smoother ride

The Lamborghini Sián is already sold out—there are only 63 in the world. (Lamborghini/) Lamborghini previewed the future of its hyper-performance cars with the announcement of the Sián, a hybrid-electric V12 that is the marque’s fastest and most powerful model yet. At 819 horsepower, the Sián (Bolognese slang for a flash of lightning) rockets to […]

Turns out there’s a shocking number of electric eels, and some could give off 1,000 volts

Shocking fact: not an eel. (C. David de Santana/) Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the electric eels. They lurk in the freshwater basins of South America, paralyzing prey with bioelectric shocks that function almost exactly like tasers. Electrophorus electricus was first identified by the Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1766, […]

Essentials for a more eco-conscious kitchen

Simply replacing your paper towels and coffee filters will go a long way. (Photo by Erol Ahmed via Unsplash/) The convenience of disposable napkins and paper towels is undeniable, but making the switch to reusable products will save you money and cut down on your contributions to landfills. Add class, style, and elegance to your […]

Meet the hero who saved everything you love about modern cities

Popular Science’s series, The Builders, takes you behind the construction tape to reveal the individuals responsible for history’s greatest architectural works. Jane Jacobs established rules for urban planning that municipalities follow today. (Wikimedia; Illustration by Katie Belloff/) In November 1958, local politicians and angry mothers gathered in New York City’s Washington Square Park for a […]

How to survive a grizzly encounter

Grizzly bears are majestic creatures that are better admired from afar. Like, through a photo. (Jessica Weiller via Unsplash/) In 2005, 17-year-old Alex Messenger was on the trip of a lifetime: a 600-mile canoe trip through the subarctic Canadian tundra with five of his friends. They planned to be out in the wilderness for 42 […]

La Trobe and Cisco to collaborate on IoT innovation

A new agreement between La Trobe University and Cisco will see the launch of a Cisco Co-Innovation Centre in Melbourne. As part of the wide-ranging agreement, focused on the Internet of Things, the university will establish a new position of Cisco Chair of the IoT, and students and educators will have access to Cisco’s Digital […]

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