Your hiring process is broken — here’s how to fix it

The labor shortage in America is forcing companies in every industry to reassess how they identify, attract, and keep top talent. A 2017 PwC survey of CEOs found that most viewed a lack of skilled workers as the primary threat to their business, and in 2019, hiring and retaining smart, capable people remains the chief […]

10 rules for picking the perfect campsite

This story was originally published by Field & Stream. There are numerous considerations to bear in mind when choosing the perfect campsite. (Nathaniel Welch/) It’s late. Your shoulders are tired from carrying a pack, or your ass is tired from driving on rutted roads, and all you want is to find a camping spot and […]

‘Full-time #crypto trader’ gets 20 months in prison for selling stolen data for Bitcoin

A UK man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison and fined more than £400,000 ($486,000) for selling stolen personal data on the dark web for Bitcoin. Authorities caught Elliot Gunton (19), who pleaded guilty, after they discovered a laptop containing software with cybercrime functionality during a routine visit related to a Sexual Prevention Order imposed […]

Last week in tech: Snap’s new spectacles, Sega’s Genesis Mini, and the clickiest new keyboards around

Snap’s stylish Spectacles have evolved into a high-end product, while Facebook’s failed Sombrero With a Camera Built In didn’t quite pan out after its release in 2017. (Snap/) Back in 2016, Snap released the original Spectacles. The quirky-looking sunglasses had a built-in camera that shot round video, which no one really wanted. As a tech […]

Dwarf star planets could glow with life

A poster for an imagined world (Wendy Kenigsberg/Matt Fondeur/Cornell University/) Though our cosmic backyard brims with planets, few seem fit for life as we know it. Some do orbit at just the right distance for water to stay liquid, but their hothead young stars tend to douse them with radiation that would quickly snuff out […]

The OPPO Reno 2 packs four cameras and supports 20x zoom

It’s no secret that OPPO is quietly working on the successor to its popular Reno handset. Today, courtesy of the company’s Twitter account, we got a glimpse of what it’ll look like. Introducing #OPPOReno2 #Quadcam with #20xZoom. Coming first to India on 28.08.2019 — OPPO India (@oppomobileindia) August 16, 2019 This is the OPPO Reno […]