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Elon Musk seemed unhinged ‘debating’ AI with Jack Ma

Tech moguls Elon Musk and Jack Ma took the stage last week at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in China to talk about AI. What ensued was exactly what you’d expect from two of the most celebrated figures in tech: a strange, awkward, passive-aggressive bicker. The 45-minute conversation was billed as a debate, but in […]

Google, eBay hit by collapse of major Aussie tech recruiter Rubicor Group – Finance – Cloud – Software – Telco/ISP

Administrators at collapsed major IT recruiter Rubicor Group have painted a bleak picture of the company’s affairs, estimating it likely traded as insolvent for more than two years before being sin-binned by the ASX for failing to produce financial accounts. And now the Australian arm of Google has been roped into mopping up the mess. […]

WA govt demands three new WoG IT chiefs – Strategy

The WA government is on the hunt for three technology leaders, including its first-ever chief digital officer, to help take control of the state’s digital reform agenda. The Office of Digital Government (DGov) kicked off the search this week to “immediately” fill the roles, which also include chief information security officer and chief technology officer. […]

Firefox 69 now blocks cryptominers and tracking cookies by default

Mozilla, the creator of the popular Firefox browser, has announced it plans to block cryptominers by default. The move will ensure that third-party websites are unable to use the computational resources of visitors without consent. The use of cryptominers – which is dubbed “cryptojacking” – allows websites to monetize their users without showing traditional advertising. […]

10 common plants that can hurt you

This story was originally published by Field & Stream. Plants aren’t out to harm you. On the other hand, they don’t seem to mind if they do. Even the most harmless shrub won’t go out of its way to prevent you from scratching, bleeding, or, in rare cases, dying from respiratory paralysis. And some plants, […]

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