New research links air pollution to increased risk of depression and bipolar disorder

Poor air quality is associated with an array of health harms. (Pixabay/) Over the past decade, researchers have identified dozens of genes that are associated with risk for conditions like bipolar disorder and depression. However, genetics can only explain a small portion of a person’s risk of developing a disease, sending researchers searching for other […]

The FCC created an online index for known phone scams

This may is upset, perhaps because he was the victim of a cramming scam. (Bruce Mars (via Pexels)/) It’s worryingly simple to get scammed if you’re not careful. Even if you’re a relatively tech-savvy person, the sheer volume of grifts out there, most of which aim to pry your money or personal information away from […]

Just seven really excellent pens

Pens for every occasion. (Aaron Burden via Unsplash/) Given how ubiquitous smartphones are, it’s not hard to imagine why handwriting is in decline. Yet, no matter how tech-oriented we’ve become, you’ll likely still need to jot down a few notes here and there. If you’re looking for a new favorite pen, here are a few […]

Dark web dealer made to forfeit millions in cryptocurrency gets 70 months in the slammer

A drug dealer ordered to forfeit millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, has been sentenced to 70 months in prison for distributing drugs including carfentanil and fentanyl. Sky Justin Gornik previously pled guilty to the charge and also admitted that he tried to launder drug proceeds using cryptocurrencies, which he […]

Laptop backpacks for your office on-the-go

Great knapsacks to keep your laptop and other daily supplies. (Jake Ingle via Unsplash/) There are as many different types of backpacks as there are uses for them. Yet, when it comes to objects that help carry other objects, form so often compromises function. For example, design elements like thin straps may be fashionable but […]

Learn the steps for turning a contact into a client for just $35

TLDR: Finding clients, securing sales, building relationships — this training pulls it all together for $35 Despite all the spreadsheets, analytics and super-buzzy “big data,” business can always be boiled down to personal relationships. Your ability to engage and connect with potential clients, selling them on your particular product or vision, is the bedrock foundation […]

Why the smartest people can make the dumbest mistakes

A high IQ and education won’t necessarily protect you from highly irrational behavior—and it may sometimes amplify your errors. (Pexels/) It is June 17, 1922, and two middle-aged men—one short and squat, the other tall and lumbering with a walrus moustache—are sitting on the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They are Harry Houdini and […]