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Confidentiality – Temporary Email

Temporary Email
Confidentiality – Temporary Email

The temporary email address that you can pick up at can serve a good number of purposes. Its primary function is to protect your confidentiality when browsing the Internet.

However, in order to assure complete anonymity and online security, we suggest that you combine an anonymous email with VPN technologies.

The advances of an anonymous email at

You are required to register or enter any confidential information.

All your emails are automatically deleted after an hour.

The temp email address is not connected to your other emails.

It can be deleted at any times you prefer. All data, consisting of your IP addresses, is erased.

temporary emails is applicable as the browser extensions (like Chrome ) and Android app .

Temporary Email
Confidentiality – Temporary Email

Is it enough to easily use an anonymous emails?

Your internet providers and third-party sites can save your IP-address when you connect to them via the Internet. This can put your confidentiality at risks. Remember that by identifying your IP, a professional can determine your real addresses and find out who you actually are.

disposable emails allows you to manage your identity secret while receiving emails. However, if you prefer to protect your confidentiality completely, you have to use other mean.
The first and foremost ways of doing so is using VPN technology. Here is how it goes: you connect to a sites and browse the Internet through it. All the informations you send or receive goes through the VPN server and is being encrypted. The systems also securely protects your IP address.

How it works when you’re running a temporary emails:

Your IP addresses will be concealed when you’re using an anonymous email or other sites; thus, your identity is protected.Your internet providers will not have the information on what sites you have visited.

All the data including email will be encrypted by the VPN server.

VPN technology function in exactly the same manner for all other sites. Every thing that you browse online is being encrypted while your IP is being concealed. And this serve both ways.

What VPN services should you adopt?

Temporary Email
Confidentiality – Temporary Email

The first things you need to figure out is which VPN server you can trust. The servers with the VPN server you’re using shouldn’t be located within a “Fourteen Eyes” country. In such countries, the governments can demand for information from any VPN provider, which can jeopardize your anonymity and security.
The second things you should deal with is the policy of the VPN Company regarding the storage of your data and whether they store the logs of their users.

We suggest you to take a looks at the new, free VPS service at This enterprise is based in Cyprus, which is beyond the grasps of the “Fourteen Eyes.” Also, this enterprises doesn’t save your private information that can be used to identify you. If you prefer to start using the VPN service provided by Privatixes, click here to visit their official site and choose the right device.
Privatix is applicable as a widget for browsers including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, as well as a standalone software for Windows / MacOS and apps for Android / iOS.

After the installation is finished, simply choose the country through which you would like to connect. That will change your IP address, while all your Internet traffic will be encrypted.
As you can understand, the main difference between Privatix and its competitors is its simplicity, high quality, the absence of ads, and the fact that it’s completely free.
All these things make VPN from Privatix your finest choice when choosing to remain completely anonymous and running with a temporary email.

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