Four Bluetooth headphones that protect your kids’ ears

In addition to the usual features, these headphones come with a delightful bonus: red, blue, and green LEDs cap off both ends of the headphones. The LEDs will dance and flash in tune with the music, and your child might too. The headphones come in three contrasting colorways: turquoise/blue, white/pink, and lavender/pink. Because these don’t […]

US government knows you’re buying opioids with Bitcoin — and it doesn’t like it

The US government has released a series of advisory notes, one of which specifically looks at the role played by cryptocurrencies in the buying and selling of illegal substances such as fentanyl. Published on Wednesday, the advisories are focused on four facets of illegal drug trafficking: manufacturing, marketing, movement, and money. The money advisory states that “convertible virtual […]

The Amazon rainforest is burning, and humans are to blame

The Amazon blaze is so large, NASA satellites spotted it from space. Above, the agency captured several states within Brazil including Amazonas, Mato Grosso, and Rondônia. (NASA/) Dark skies over Sao Paulo this week were just a local hint of an unfolding global catastrophe centered in Brazil. This year, the Amazon rainforest is burning at […]

France sticks to its unilateral ‘Google tax’ — even though Trump is pissed

French President, Emmanuel Macron, has started turning up the heat before this weekend’s G7 summit. At a press meeting yesterday, Macron stuck to France’s policy of upping taxes on big tech, calling the system which provides companies with a “permanent tax haven status” simply “crazy,” The Local reports. Europe has been cracking down hard on […]

A developer’s guide to hiring good developers

Last week, a good friend approached me with a question. The organization he works for is struggling to attract engineers for their technical team, and he was desperate to find ideas. As a developer myself, I appreciated that he came to me to understand what motivates technical minded people to consider switching jobs. The hiring […]