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Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone – Computerworld

Apple caught up with hardware rivals on Tuesday by revealing a triple-camera iPhone, and it rolled out a streaming TV service priced at US$5 a month, undercutting Disney and Netflix. The announcements came at the company’s biggest marketing event, where it unveils its top products for the year ahead, and showcased an aggressive Apple ready […]

Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack – Security

Apple has confirmed that China’s Uighurs, a mostly Muslim minority group considered a security threat by Beijing, had been the target of attacks due to iPhone security flaws, but disputed rival Google’s description of the effort to track users of the smartphone in real time. Google Project Zero researchers said last week that five security […]

Apple wants Siri to stay neutral on feminism

A new report from the recently-fired Apple contractors reveals that, allegedly, Apple deliberately set out to make Siri as neutral as possible with regards to recent events like MeToo — in spite of her being a focal point in the conversation about the gender politics in voice assistants. The Guardian reports Apple had an internal […]

Apple claps back at Google for spreading FUD in iOS exploit report

It was just last week that we covered a report by Google‘s Project Zero security researchers claiming they’d identified a malware campaign targeting iPhones for “at least two years.” When successful, the exploit chain allowed iPhones to be compromised with no interaction from the user beyond visiting a malicious website. Now Apple is disputing some […]

Apple Music FINALLY gets a web interface

Almost four years after its launch, Apple has finally launched a web player for its streaming service,Apple Music. The web version is currently in beta and available to everyone across the world. This isn’t yet a stable release, but it does include almost all of the service’s features. You can access your library, playlists, and For […]

Apple will allow basic iPhone repairs from third-party shops

After critics called out Apple on its restrictive hardware repair policies, Apple announced yesterday it’ll allow repairs from third-party repair shops, and sell them parts for aftermarket service. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Third-party repair shops first have to attain certification from the company and can only provide fixes for “most common out-of-warranty […]

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