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Ransomware gang breach data backup software used by hundreds of US dental offices

Hundreds of dental offices across the US have been crippled by a ransomware attack targeting a remote data backup service offered by a third-party. Percsoft and Digital Dental Record (DDR) — the two Wisconsin-based software companies — provide a solution called DDS Safe that delivers triple-layer protection by backing up sensitive medical records to the cloud, an […]

Cybersecurity vendor that protects firms from data breaches hit by data breach

You know it’s a bad day for cybersecurity when a leading provider of internet firewall services that helps safeguard websites from malicious attacks suffers from a security breach of its own. Imperva, a popular California-based security vendor, disclosed that data belonging to an unspecified subset of users of its cloud firewall product was exposed online. […]

How to check if your password was leaked in StockX data breach

Last week, online sneaker marketplace StockX disclosed a major data breach that originally took place in May. The breach had exposed names, email addresses, shipping addresses, usernames, shoe sizes, hashed passwords, and purchase histories of about 6.8 million customers. According to Bleeping Computer, the stolen data is now being sold online on dark web. A report by […]

Online sneaker marketplace failed to come clean about 6.8M record data breach

StockX — a popular online marketplace for sneakerheads and streetwear aficionados to trade apparel — is the latest company to fall victim to a massive data breach affecting millions of its users. As if that wasn’t bad enough, TechCrunch reported over the weekend that the incident happened almost three months ago, in May. Although StockX has not disclosed the exact number […]

Capital One data breach compromises 106 million customers’ personal data

US-based bank, Capital One, revealed last night a data breach that exposed data of exposed the data of 106 million credit card applicants including names, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth. In addition, 140,000 US social security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and 1 million Canadian social insurance numbers were also stolen. The bank said while […]

The Ashley Madison data breach – what can teach us about temporary email addresses. – Blog

The Ashley Madison data breach – what can teach us about temporary email addresses. The concept of an email address is quite basic today unless you are going absolutely old school with your communication. You have to link the ID with personal communications, essential bank data, public communications and even social media platforms. It is […]

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