Most YouTube videos on climate change deny its existence

Search for “climate change” on YouTube and before long you’ll likely find a video that denies it exists. In fact, when it comes to shaping the online conversation around climate change, a new study suggests that deniers and conspiracy theorists might hold an edge over those believing in science. Researchers found evidence that most YouTube […]

Trump acts like a criminal when denying climate change

While much of the world now recognizes the need for immediate action, there are still those who question the scientific consensus on climate change and deter efforts to tackle it. As might be expected, they have the attention of US President Donald Trump and his Republican administration. The Heartland Institute’s International Conference on Climate Change […]

Nutrition advice for babies and toddlers have been fraught with errors. That’s about to change.

Parents are bombarded on social media and other sites by an ever-changing stream of advice on how to nourish their young children. (Pixabay/) Every five years, nutrition experts from across the country congregate in Washington, D.C. to begin the tricky work of deciding how and what Americans should eat. This also includes what federal aid […]

Climate change helped elephants evolve a large brain

Elephants have long captivated our attention, partly because of their sheer size and majesty. But we’re also struck by their complex behavior. In some ways, we’re fascinated because this behavior echoes our most humane feelings. For instance, elephants have repeatedly been observed using tools and grieving their dead. Their evolutionary history is interesting, too. It […]

This century-old oak tree is live-tweeting climate change

This summer has proven a punishing reminder that climate change isn’t a far-off scenario, but one that’s happening right in front of our eyes. Unrelenting heat, though, doesn’t just affect humans. In Massachusetts there lives a an 85-foot northern red oak tree, a sprawling member of the 4,000 acre Harvard Forest — an outdoor research […]

How To Change Temp Mail -10minutesemail

Altering Your Temp Mail from the fake email generator Your personal Temp Mail may be changed at any time from within our fake email address interface. Point your browser Into at which “” is really your actual domain name (or copy and paste it ), then login to the webmail portal together with your […]