Scientists at an aquarium just figured out how to save Florida’s ‘Great Barrier Reef’

Scientists in Florida may have just saved the the third largest coral reef on the planet. Florida Aquarium Senior Coral Scientist Keri O’Neil, aka “The Coral Whisperer,” and her team of researchers today announced they’d successfully spawned Atlantic coral in a laboratory – the first time this has been accomplished. The implications for their work […]

A great climate comes from happy soil. Could happy soil come from California?

Fava beans growing in between grape vines at Granton Vineyard in southern Tasmania (Stefano Lubiana/Flickr/) The way we’re using our land isn’t helping our chances of limiting global warming. As last week’s IPCC report on land use and climate points out, agriculture, forestry, and other land uses are responsible for 22 percent of annual greenhouse […]

Great sleeves and cases to keep your laptop secure

Protective cases and sleeves for your laptop (Majo Villalón via Unsplash/) Some people keep their life’s work on their laptop. Whether you’re chipping away at a big business proposal, your next hit song, or the essays for a college application—that work relies on the strength and sturdiness of your computer (ahem, and we recommend backing […]

Great fans to help you keep your cool

Fans for any situation (Siniz Kim via Unsplash/) Air conditioners can be luxurious, but they also drive up your energy bill and require a tedious cycle of installation and storage. If you’re opting for a lower-impact, more direct cooling device, the fan is your friend. And we’re not talking dollar store box fans here—there’s a […]