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Firefox 69 now blocks cryptominers and tracking cookies by default

Mozilla, the creator of the popular Firefox browser, has announced it plans to block cryptominers by default. The move will ensure that third-party websites are unable to use the computational resources of visitors without consent. The use of cryptominers – which is dubbed “cryptojacking” – allows websites to monetize their users without showing traditional advertising. […]

We’re one step closer to tracking down another Earth

No place like home? Not if you scope out 33 sun-like stars. (Pixabay/) Astronomers have found more than 4,000 planets circling distant stars, yet none feel quite like home. Teegarden b is the right size, but it zips around its dim dwarf star in just five (Earth) days. Kepler-452 b takes a familiar 385 days […]

Apple will soon treat online web tracking the same as a security vulnerability

Apple is taking a hard stance on online privacy with a new anti-tracking policy in Safari. The iPhone maker has published a “WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy” that goes into specifics about the types of anti-tracking methods it has developed, the practices it believes are harmful to users, and the unintended consequences of those preventive countermeasures. […]

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