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Inquiry to examine UK-style age verification for porn access

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs has launched in inquiry into age verification mechanisms for access to online gambling and pornography services. “While customers must verify their age within 14 days to continue using an online wagering account, an age verification process is not required at all for customers to access online pornography,” the committee’s chair, […]

DXC chief executive Mike Lawrie retires

DXC Technology CEO, president and chairman Mike Lawrie will be retiring from the company on 31 December with Mike Salvino being named as his successor.  Lawrie has held the top role since the company’s formation as DXC Technology in 2017 and according to a company statement, he has been discussing his succession and planned retirement […]

Comets could all come from the same place

Comets present a pristine picture of the early solar system. (NASA/MSFC/Aaron Kingery/) From the ascending soul of Julius Cesar to the onset of the black death, humans have found no shortage of meaning in the streaking of comets across the skies. Not until more recently, however, did astronomers uncover the strange truth. Unlike planets, asteroids, […]

Four master tools for your bug repellent arsenal

If you’re really against using DEET, you could try this essential oil blend, which I’ve used to fight off bugs in the past. It smells like sweet lemons and is made of six different therapeutic grade essential oils: citronella, rosemary, sweet lavandin, eucalyptus, peppermint, and catnip. Dab it on your temples, wrists and ankles—you can […]

The best wildlife photos of the year remind us that nature is amazing—and brutal

London Natural History Museum’s 2019 Photographer of the Year Competition attracted over 48,000 entries from professionals and amateurs across 100 countries. (PopSci Editors/) There are millions and millions of species on our planet and just as many opportunities to photograph them. But it still takes expertise, persistence, and a fair bit of chance to get […]

The next big space race is happening in Asia

The launch vehicle carrying Chandrayaan-2 lifted off from Sriharikota, India, in late July 2019. (Indian Space Research Organization via AP/) On September 7, India’s Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission deployed its Vikram lander for an attempted landing at the moon’s south pole. Communications with the lander were lost just minutes prior to the scheduled landing. Recent imaging […]

Lamborghini built a supercapacitor into its Sián hybrid for a faster, smoother ride

The Lamborghini Sián is already sold out—there are only 63 in the world. (Lamborghini/) Lamborghini previewed the future of its hyper-performance cars with the announcement of the Sián, a hybrid-electric V12 that is the marque’s fastest and most powerful model yet. At 819 horsepower, the Sián (Bolognese slang for a flash of lightning) rockets to […]

Turns out there’s a shocking number of electric eels, and some could give off 1,000 volts

Shocking fact: not an eel. (C. David de Santana/) Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the electric eels. They lurk in the freshwater basins of South America, paralyzing prey with bioelectric shocks that function almost exactly like tasers. Electrophorus electricus was first identified by the Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1766, […]

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