Learn new languages with highly-reviewed app Babbel and save up to 50%

TLDR: Score a lifetime of top language learning for under $150 with Babbel. Satisfied customers can’t be wrong — especially when they number almost half a million. Thanks to reviews in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, Babbel Language Learning gets an impressive 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from more than 430,000 customers. Glowing reviews […]

LightSail 2 spacecraft successfully demonstrates flight by light

Credit: The Planetary Society Years of computer simulations. Countless ground tests. They’ve all led up to now. The Planetary Society’s crowdfunded LightSail 2 spacecraft is successfully raising its orbit solely on the power of sunlight. Since unfurling the spacecraft’s silver solar sail last week, mission managers have been optimizing the way the spacecraft orients itself […]

Amazon sues former AWS exec for joining rival Google division as cloud wars escalate – 10minmail

AWS CEO Andy Jassy delivers the keynote at the 2018 reInvent conference. (Amazon Web Services Photo) Amazon’s pioneering cloud business gave the company an early lead in an emerging and lucrative industry but competition is heating up between Amazon Web Services and newer entrants, like Microsoft and Google, particularly when it comes to talent. The […]

‘Mission success’ declared after LightSail 2 solar sail raises orbit – 10minmail

This image was taken during the LightSail 2 sail deployment sequence on July 23. Baja California and Mexico are visible in the background. This image has been de-distorted and color corrected. (Planetary Society Photo / CC BY-NC 3.0) It may be “mission accomplished” for the Planetary Society’s solar sail experiment, but its privately funded LightSail […]

TV sreaming service Locast sued by ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox

Four of the biggest names in broadcast television — ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox — have filed a lawsuit against Locast, a small TV streaming service that broadcasts over-the-air local stations for free. According to the , the TV networks have filed suit in federal court in an effort to shut down the service. Locast […]

One of Lyft’s freshly-debuted e-bikes just caught fire

A Lyft electric bicycle was spotted smoldering in San Francisco on Wednesday.  Lyft’s new bike-sharing system in the Bay Area, dubbed Bay Wheels, includes black-and-pink electric-assist bicycles powered by a battery on the bike’s frame. These units used to be part of bike-sharing program Ford GoBike, similar to New York City’s Citi Bike. Now, it […]

The Spire Studio is an all-in-one 8-track recording studio that fits in your hand

Izotopes’ Spire Studio is a portable 8-track all-in-one recording studio. It’s brimming with features and powered by incredibly smart software. It may be the most innovative tool I’ve used in my home recording studio. I wanted to hate the Spire Studio. It’s a product that takes decades of my hard-learned experience and distills it into […]

Research cruise explores carbon cycle in deep ocean in Atlantic

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science-led research cruise leaves for the deep Atlantic Ocean 50 miles southeast of Bermuda on Monday for a week of science at sea aboard the 171-foot R/V Atlantic Explorer. Scientists will be sampling the depths of the ocean and analyzing bacterial diversity and function […]

Sustained police effort explains higher arrests for gun murders

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The primary reason gun fatalities result in arrests more frequently than nonfatal shootings is police devote more time and resources to the fatal cases, a new study by scholars at Duke and Northeastern universities finds. This suggests that persistence pays off, yet staying with an investigation that may last months is […]

Black male educators sound alarm regarding lack of diversity in P-12 classrooms

Credit: University of Phoenix A diverse and inclusive education workforce can play a critical role in ensuring that students receive a robust, quality educational experience. While students of color comprise more than half of P-12 classroom populations in the United States, overcoming the shortage of educators of color has been a decades-long dilemma for U.S. […]