Scientists Debut System to Translate Thoughts Directly Into Text

Brain Reader Researchers say they’ve built a system that can translate brain signals directly into text — a promising step toward a “speech prosthesis” that could effectively allow you to think text directly into a computer. “We are not there yet,” University of California researcher Joseph Makin told The Guardian, “but we think this could be […]

We Want To Build Ventilators, Let Us Build Ventilators

Mass Protest On Monday, General Electric workers staged a mass protest and walked off the job. Their demands for the company: stop going about business as usual and start mass-producing ventilators for coronavirus patients, according to The Independent. Ventilators are in extremely short supply, especially in cities hit hardest by the pandemic, so the GE […]

Researchers Say New App Detects Covid-19 by Analyzing Your Voice

A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions have released an app that they claim can determine whether you might have COVID-19, just by analyzing your voice. “I’ve seen a lot of competition for the cheapest, fastest diagnosis you can have,” said Benjamin Striner, a Carnegie Mellon graduate student who worked on […]

The Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than September 11

According to the latest figures from CNN, the coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 3,000 people in the United States. That’s a grim milestone, because it means the virus’s death toll has now exceeded that of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, which took the lives of 2,977. Although the significance of the two […]

This Guy Took a Photo of the ISS from His Backyard

Sharp Shooter A sharpshooter on Reddit posted a pretty incredible snapshot to the Space subreddit over the weekend: The International Space Station, as seen from his backyard on Saturday night. Eye in the Sky The user, who goes by 120decibel, explained that he nabbed the shot using what sounds like a relatively expensive telescoping rig […]

Own a Piece of the Apollo 13 Moon Mission for a Ridiculously Low Price

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