This Guy Took a Photo of the ISS from His Backyard

Sharp Shooter A sharpshooter on Reddit posted a pretty incredible snapshot to the Space subreddit over the weekend: The International Space Station, as seen from his backyard on Saturday night. Eye in the Sky The user, who goes by 120decibel, explained that he nabbed the shot using what sounds like a relatively expensive telescoping rig […]

Own a Piece of the Apollo 13 Moon Mission for a Ridiculously Low Price

Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the Futurism.com editorial staff. Given the current state of the world, you probably won’t be stepping foot […]

“Immunity Passports” Could Help Society Get Back to Normal

German researchers are suggesting that “immunity passports” could be given out to workers who have already caught the coronavirus — meaning they’re now immune — in a bid to get them back to work and help speed up the return to normal society. A mass study being planned by Germany’s public health body and a […]

Russia Quarantines Nuclear Sub Crew After Coronavirus Exposure

Underwater Quarantine The crew of a nuclear missile-equipped submarine belonging to the Russian Navy is in quarantine over concerns they have been exposed to the coronavirus, according to The Drive. A civilian contractor who came on board as part of a business trip had come into contact with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19, local […]

Experts Say Putting Multiple Patients on One Ventilator Is Unsafe

In the areas hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals are facing a dire ventilator shortage. In Italy, doctors have already had to turn patients away because they didn’t have enough ventilators to treat them, and the same could soon happen in the U.S. if hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus patients. To make up for the […]

Experts Say Childbirth During the Pandemic Can Be Traumatic

As the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals and health workers, expecting and new mothers around the world are facing a number of unexpected challenges. Many who have gone into labor since the pandemic took hold had to give birth with far less support than they anticipated, CNET reports. Midwives and doulas are sometimes cut out of the […]

Nasty Images Show How Bacteria Colonize Your Tongue

Your mouth is a zoo of bacteria. And in a new series of astonishing (ly disturbing) images assembled by a team of researchers, we get to experience this diverse biome in all its psychedelic, multicolored glory — with each funky color representing a different species of bacteria, as Science Alert reports. “The tongue is particularly […]

Top 20 Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 10 To Monitor Traffic

If you’re using an internet connection that does not give you unlimited access, keeping an eye on your bandwidth usage becomes necessary. If you exceed your network bandwidth limit, you will be charged extra by your Internet Service Provider. However, if you wish to avoid doing so, you should use a bandwidth monitor to gauge the inbound […]

Astronomers Call on Quarantined Citizens to Hunt for Galaxies

Citizen Science Your friends have taken up new hobbies like baking or needlepoint while they self-isolate. If you’re looking for something that can undeniably one-up them and their endless bread pics, why not join the hunt for new galaxies? The coronavirus pandemic is a prime opportunity for people to get involved in citizen science projects, […]

Physicist Tries to Build Device to Prevent Coronavirus, Gets Magnets Stuck Up Nose

Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon ended up at the hospital — and it wasn’t for a fever or a cough. In fact, his medical conundrum was quite different: he managed to get four small magnets stuck up his nose, according to The Guradian. Basically, the 27-year-old physicist was bored at home and tried to come up […]