Scientists Say They’ve Found the Exact Center of the Solar System

Off-Kilter For the first time, scientists have managed to find our solar system’s precise center of gravity down to about 100 meters — a flabbergastingly precise measurement on the scale of our vast solar system. It sounds like a trivial feat — think back to the posters hanging in your classroom and you might reasonably […]

NASA Astronaut Says SpaceX Crew Dragon Looked “Awesome” During Spacewalk

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken got a tremendous view during their spacewalk on Monday. Their mission was to replace the International Space Station’s old solar array batteries with lithium ion ones — but the demands of their relatively straightforward task didn’t stop them from appreciating a brand-new sight outside the station. An image […]

“Radioactive Gobstoppers” Could Stop the Next Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

Researchers are hoping that tiny graphite-coated balls of uranium, likened by Wired to “radioactive gobstoppers,” could revitalize nuclear energy production in the United States by making nuclear plants completely meltdown-proof. Wired reports that the poppy-seed-sized balls, dubbed Triso fuel (tristructural isotropic particle), are low enriched uranium and oxygen surrounded by a shell of graphite and […]

Prepare for 100,000 Daily Cases, “Disturbing” Death Toll

On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci — the United States’ top doctor and a leader in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic — addressed the Senate to give a dire warning about the ongoing outbreak. As it stands right now, the country is reporting about 40,000 new COVID-19 cases every day. And if the government doesn’t […]

The Challenges Of Monitoring Water Streams And Surviving Mother Nature

Small waterways give life in the form of drinking and irrigation water, but can also be very destructive when flooding occurs. In the US, monitoring of these waterways is done by mainly by the USGS, with accurate but expensive monitoring stations. This means that there is a limit to how many monitoring stations can be […]

Scientists Are Baffled By a Bizarre Black Hole-Like Object

Mass Gap Last week, astrophysicists announced a bizarre, unprecedented celestial object that sits smack in the middle of the theoretical divider separating black holes from neutron stars. The object, too small to be a black hole and too large to be a neutron star according to existing models, has astronomers baffled about where this thing […]

Facebook Built a VR Headset the Size of a Pair of Large Sunglasses

VR 2.0 A team researchers at Facebook have created a virtual reality headset that’s not much larger than a chunky pair of sunglasses, Ars Technica reports. The futuristic shades use a specially designed holographic film to miniaturize the lens. Conventional VR displays tend to be bulky, as the refractive lenses inside of them need a […]

US FCC Classifies Huawei and ZTE as Security Threats, Cuts off Funding

US FCC has classified Huawei and ZTE as security threats, and banned them as suppliers for projects under its Universal Service Fund, because of alleged ties to Chinese military and intelligence services. The Federal Communications Commission is the US agency that regulates all communications technology. In a news release explaining the decision, the FCC said […]