How to safely find out what’s on a mysterious USB device

Wow, look at all those USB drives. Are they safe? Who knows! (Esa Riutta via Pixabay/) Companies like to hand out USB drives like candy. At media functions, for example, these flash storage devices contain product photos, press information, and details about businesses that hope the journalists who receive them will cover their latest offering. […]

Male honeybees might blind queens to keep them hive-bound

Bees mating (Wikimedia Commons/) A queen bee stashes all the sperm she’ll need to make a lifetime’s worth of babies in a few days. Let’s just start there. This virgin queen flies out from her nest to mate with as many as 90 male drones mid-flight (though usually more like a dozen), then returns to […]

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He has a big catch radius. This black comedy, dense with satire, is perfect for this laid-back zodiac sign who will relish seeing the freedom with which the duo moves through time and space. I don’t know how much you put Jerseys Wholesale into the two-minute drive against Carolina. Even though we didn’t score off […]

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He also has a concern with safety, but not from parts flying away, My only concern with aerodynamics and the future of the sport is that someone may try to use it to loosen the car at high speeds causing a potentially dangerous situation. _ _ Joe has played well, so I don’t want to […]

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Brakes: Cheap Jerseys Elite Lightweight Lamb 11-inch manual disc brakes are used to reduce parasitic drag and haul the Poncho from buck-and-a-quarter speeds. That’s what we’ll try to do this week Cheap Jerseys Elite and the next couple weeks, too, since it’s early in the year. ‘You always know exactly what to say.’ Pisces is […]

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Luckily, the back-to-backs are over for the B’s, who have three games left to Wholesale Jerseys Cheap play. A sports suspension is optional, Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale as are electronically adjustable dampers. Win one game – it’s a division game, Nike NFL Jerseys From China so obviously, it’s very important. Libras are sociable people and […]

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Aquarius personality people are totally different to any other zodiac sign when it comes to love and marriage, simply because they hate being bored and stuck in a rut. In all fairness to Savard, this would be an egregious step backward for this team. See more articles for import car enthusiasts on MSN Autos It’s […]