US and China should collaborate, not compete, to bring AI to healthcare

In the wake of the US government ordering the Chinese artificial intelligence company iCarbonX to divest its majority ownership stake in the Cambridge, Mass.-based company PatientsLikeMe, Eric Topol, M.D., of Scripps Research, argues for more, not less, collaboration between China and the U.S. on artificial intelligence development. Credit: Scripps Research In the wake of the […]

Research reveals bittersweet truth of how bee-friendly limonoids are made

Melia azedarach (Chinaberry) was used in the study. Credit: Andrew Davis Limonoids are a class of plant natural products whose complex chemistry has been intensively investigated for over 50 years. The best known limonoid, azadirachtin, is famous for being bee-friendly yet having a strong anti-insect effect; others are well known for contributing bitterness to citrus […]

Human genetic diversity of South America reveals complex history of Amazonia

The vast cultural and linguistic diversity of Latin American countries is still far from being fully represented by genetic surveys. A new study explores the genetic roots of 26 populations from diverse regions and cultures of western South America and Mexico. The results reveal long-distance connections between speakers of the same language, and new traces […]

Gene transcripts from ancient wolf analyzed after 14,000 years in permafrost

Fig 1. Regressions of ancient liver and historical skin samples, Method 1: Relationships between 95th percentile of expressed genes in each control tissue sample (x-axis) and each ancient sample or control samples from other tissues (y-axis). Black points in graphs comparing ancient samples are the relationships between the control tissue and the equivalent ancient tissue. […]

New strategies for optimizing the specificity of gene editing nucleases

by Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc., a genomic medicine company, announced today the publication in Nature Biotechnology of a manuscript by Jeffrey Miller, Ph.D., and colleagues at Sangamo, describing two new strategies for optimizing the specificity of genome editing using zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs). The ability to engineer highly specific gene editing nucleases with […]

Scientists call for modernization of EU gene-editing legislation

Breeding objective: heat-resistant grain types. Credit: shutterstock When using conventional methods, it usually takes relatively long to breed new plant varieties with favourable characteristics. On the other hand, precision breeding with genetic scissors such as CRISPR-Cas can significantly accelerate this process. However, the current interpretation of the European legislation prevents the use of genome editing […]