Click, whir, ping: the lost sounds of loading video games | Games

The first time I ever put a ​5¼-inch disk into an Apple II drive to play Lode Runner, I was hooked. It seemed wildly futuristic – this was in the early 1980s – but there was also something pleasingly analogue about the process. You had to slide the disc from its sleeve like a vinyl […]

Which is the best tablet for an artist? | Technology

My wife is an artist. She has been using a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 since 2014. This allows her to draw and paint using a stylus supplied with the pad. She loves using it, but it’s past its best and the battery won’t hold a charge for very long. I am thinking of buying her a […]

Head in the cloud(s): the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator | Games

Flight Simulator was once one of the jewels in Microsoft’s crown, as close to synonymous with PC gaming as it’s possible to get. The series debuted a staggering 37 years ago, pre-dating even Windows as an operating system, and demanded exacting attention from players as they guided increasingly detailed planes safely through the skies. Over […]

Game changer: the Commodore 64 concert | Games

My grandfather, a lover of classical music, was president of the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra for many years. When I was 15, I played him an orchestrated version of Nobuo Uematsu’s To Zanarkand, from the video game Final Fantasy X. “This isn’t real music if it’s from a video game,” he told me at the time. […]

Microsoft to open first European store in central London | Technology

Microsoft is opening its first European store on Oxford Street, in London, featuring a McLaren Senna car customised as an Xbox driving simulator, a gaming lounge and a community education centre where children can learn to code. The 22,000 sq ft shop is a block away from the Regent Street Apple store, which, when it […]