What’s the best tech to take to university? | Money

Tablet iPad mini – £399 Tablets can be a handy addition to any student’s toolset, often lasting far longer on a charge than a computer or phone, with a big enough screen to get things done or catch up on the latest episode of The Expanse. Apple’s recently updated 7.9in iPad Mini is my pick. […]

What’s the best laptop for a student for under £500? | Technology

I’m due to start my teacher training in September. Which laptop should I buy on a £500 budget? Ruqayyah This question comes up every year. Obviously, the answers change as technology moves on. What doesn’t change much, if at all, is the general advice. You can get most of it from last year’s answer, though […]

Novel school improvement program can raise teaching quality while reducing inequality

A multi-national European study, looking at over 5,500 students, has found that a novel school intervention program can not only improve the mathematics scores of primary school children from disadvantaged areas, but can also lessen the achievement gap caused by socioeconomic status. Known as the Dynamic Approach to School Improvement (DASI), the program is based […]

Boost in high school students taking advanced computer science could change the face of tech

Often when I speak with students who are majoring in computer sciences, many of them tell me that they have never taken a computer science course until college. This is especially true for the female, black, and Latino students I’ve spoken with as a computer science professor. But newly released data from the College Board […]

Black male educators sound alarm regarding lack of diversity in P-12 classrooms

Credit: University of Phoenix A diverse and inclusive education workforce can play a critical role in ensuring that students receive a robust, quality educational experience. While students of color comprise more than half of P-12 classroom populations in the United States, overcoming the shortage of educators of color has been a decades-long dilemma for U.S. […]

School segregation worsens for Latino children compared with a generation ago

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Latino children are likely to enter elementary schools this year with fewer white peers than a generation ago, judging by data reported in a new study published today in Educational Researcher, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association. However, as racial segregation has intensified, low-income students of all racial […]

Study shows power of refocusing student stress in middle school transition

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study by education researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that proactively addressing students’ anxieties with clear and cost-effective messaging early in the school year can lead to a lasting record of higher grades, better attendance, and fewer behavioral problems for sixth graders embarking on their stressful first year […]

Questions remain about Florida’s new school-based mental health effort

Florida is planning to reinvent school-based mental health awareness, but Florida International University (FIU) psychologists are raising questions about the plan’s implementation. The goal is to help students identify the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses, how to get help for themselves and others and what to do or say to peers affected by a […]

Could Twitter be a tool for improving schools?

Jayson W. Richardson. Credit: University of Kentucky Twitter has become a tool for school administrators to more efficiently and effectively lead schools, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Kentucky College of Education collected results from studies showing the ways school leaders engage with Twitter. They then analyzed how Twitter usage can […]