New plant galls research includes most comprehensive study of role of hormones

A, Fundatrix aphid inducing a gall near the base of the midvein on the upper surface of a poplar leaf. B, Young gall forming near the base of the midvein on the upper leaf surface. The fundatrix (approximately 0.6 mm long) moves back and forth in the gall depression (approximately 3 mm long) adjacent to […]

Targeting DNA sequencing for plant biodiversity research

Third-generation sequencing (TGS) technologies like the portable MinION sequencer promise to revolutionize biology, but getting there will require tweaking techniques. Particularly, the low output delivered by TGS sequencers means that targeted sequencing approaches will have to be developed to assure proper sequencing coverage of regions of interest. In research presented in a recent issue of […]

Researchers discover new mechanism of microorganism resistance against free radicals

Sacharomyces cerevisiae cells in DIC microscopy. Credit: Wikipedia. There are numerous different scenarios in which microorganisms are exposed to highly reactive molecules known as free radicals. These molecules are capable of damaging important cell components and may be generated during normal cell metabolism or in response to environmental factors. Free radicals play a significant role […]

Orchestrating development in the fly embryo

A movie of gene expression dynamics live in the developing Drosophila embryo. Individual nuclei are shown in red, while certain gene transcripts are shown in blue. Credit: Caltech Most multicellular organisms on Earth—including you—begin as a single fertilized egg and then undergo a complex choreography of cellular growth to become a functioning adult composed of […]

First pictures of enzyme that drives new class of antibiotics

Credit: Washington University in St. Louis Understanding how antibiotic scaffolds are constructed in nature can help scientists prospect for new classes of antibiotics through DNA sequencing and genome mining. Researchers have used this knowledge to help solve the X-ray crystal structure of the enzyme that makes obafluorin—a broad spectrum antibiotic agent made by a fluorescent […]

Like film editors and archaeologists, biochemists piece together genome history

Figure 1 outlines the dynamics researchers see in the group II intron in comparison to the spliceosome. The figure highlights that both splicing machines undergo an identical 90-degree rotation of an important domain during splicing. Credit: Daniel Haack Old-school Hollywood editors cut unwanted frames of film and patched in desired frames to make a movie. […]

HDO-antimiR represents a new weapon in the fight against microRNA-related disease

Researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) develop a new form of a molecule that can inhibit microRNA, which is implicated in various genetic diseases, uncovering a new treatment approach. Credit: TMDU MicroRNA (miRNA) is a type of RNA that plays an important role in various cellular processes and is also involved in developing […]