A modified device fabrication process achieves enhanced spin transport in graphene

Image of a 125 µm long graphene stripe with cobalt contacts. Credit: ICN2 Researchers from the ICN2 Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices Group have proposed a modified graphene-based nanodevice fabrication technique that increases up to three times the spin lifetime and relaxation length compared to previous work of the same kind. The work was fruit […]

A novel graphene-matrix-assisted stabilization method will help 2-D materials become a part of quantum computers

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists from Russia and Japan found a way of stabilizing two-dimensional copper oxide (CuO) materials by using graphene. Along with being the main candidates for spintronics applications, these materials may be used in forthcoming quantum computers. The results of the study were published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. The […]

Thermal management of hybrid nanoparticles

Two-dimensional maps of the temporal and spectral response of 4 ML CdSe NPLs to 3.46 μm pump excitation as a solid film (left) and in methylcyclohexane-d14. Credit: Argonne National Laboratory In a recent study published in Nanoscale, researchers show increases in cooling time for poorer hydrocarbon solvents compared to better solvents, indicate penetration of solvent […]