A hog in wolf’s clothing

Feral hog eating a lamb in Australia. Credit: Dr. Peter Heise-Pavlov Human and wildlife conflict has increased along with expanding human populations, particularly when wildlife endanger humans or their livelihoods. Most research on human-wildlife conflict has focused on the ways tigers, wolves, and other predators impact livestock even though noncarnivores also threaten livestock. New research […]

Mass starvation of reindeer linked to climate change and habitat loss

Reindeer are incredibly hardy creatures—they survived the last Ice Age and today live in some of the world’s most inhospitable landscapes. Despite their fine-tuned adaptations to life in the Arctic and after over 600,000 years of living there, reindeer are struggling to survive the rapid changes happening all around them. In the winter of 2013-14, […]

Robot cameras reveal secret lives of basking sharks

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An autonomous SharkCam has been used in the UK for the first time to observe the behavior of basking sharks in the Inner Hebrides. The ground-breaking technology is set to reveal the secret lives of the world’s second largest fish—a species that little is known about, despite being prevalent in the […]

Climate change could shrink oyster habitat in California

A boulder of native oysters near Tomales Bay, California. Credit: UC Davis Ocean acidification is bad news for shellfish, making it harder for them to form their calcium-based shells. But several other factors related to climate change could also make California bays less hospitable to shelled organisms like oysters, which are a key part of […]

New study aims to help protect the world’s trees and forests from harmful pests and diseases

Credit: CABI CABI’s expert scientists in the field of ecosystems management and invasion ecology have presented new guidance on ways to help protect the world’s trees and forests from harmful pests and diseases such as the box tree moth and ash dieback. Dr. René Eschen led an international team of researchers who suggest that a […]

Rye is healthy, thanks to an interplay of microbes

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Eating rye comes with a variety of health benefits. A new study from the University of Eastern Finland now shows that both lactic acid bacteria and gut bacteria contribute to the health benefits of rye. Published in Microbiome, the study used a metabolomics approach to analyse metabolites found in food and […]

Three concepts from complexity could play a big role in social animal research

Credit: CC0 Public Domain From bees to birds to humans, the animal kingdom is full of organisms that have evolved complex social structures to solve specific problems they encounter. Explaining why some species evolved more complex societies than others has been a fundamental challenge in the field of social animal research, and might be best […]

Traded forest tree seeds pose a great risk of introducing harmful pests

Credit: CABI CABI has led an international team of scientists who strongly suggest that the global trade of forest tree seeds is not as safe as previously believed, with insect pests and fungal pathogens posing a great risk to trees and forest ecosystems worldwide. Non-native insect pests and fungal pathogens present one of the major […]

What are native grasslands, and why do they matter?

Coalition minister Angus Taylor is under scrutiny for possibly intervening in the clearing of grasslands in the southern highlands of New South Wales. Leaving aside the political dimensions, it’s worth asking: why do these grasslands matter? The grasslands in much of eastern Australia are the result of forests and woodlands cleared to “improve” the landscape […]