Cooperation with high status individuals may increase one’s own status

Two Tsimane men returning from a hunt. Credit: Chris von Rueden Seeking social status is a central human motivation. Whether it’s buying designer clothing, working the way up the job ladder, or making a conspicuous donation to charity, humans often seek and signal social status. Human cooperation and competition aren’t mutually exclusive, they are two […]

Breaking the cycle between family violence and homelessness

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Women who become homeless as a result of family and domestic violence are also facing legal and financial issues that make it hard for them to make a fresh start, according to an evaluation report on the Safe as Houses pilot program. Released to coincide with Homelessness Week 2019, the report […]

Hysteria, surveillance and threats to fundamental freedoms

Sex worker rights – fought for at this red umbrella protest – are under threat. Credit: Caroline Doerksen, Author provided 2:00 a.m. The phone rang, abruptly awakening me. It was the hotel night clerk calling to tell me that members of the Montréal Police Service were downstairs and wanting to search my room. When I […]

Study suggests use of gender-neutral terms to describe people leads to gender-equality

CC0 public domain A pair of researchers, one with Washington University in St. Louis, the other with the University of California, has found evidence that suggests the use of gender-neutral terms to describe people promotes gender equality. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Margit Tavits and Efrén Pérez describe […]

Police use of fatal force is identified as a leading cause of death in young men

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Police violence is a leading cause of death of young men in the United States with black men 2.5 times more likely to be killed by law enforcement over their lifetime than white men, according to a Rutgers study. The study, published in PNAS, examined fatality risks during police encounters—some 11,456 […]

Poor health increases chance of recidivism and reincarceration

Poor physical or mental health increases the chance that formerly incarcerated individuals will commit more crimes and return to prison, according to a groundbreaking new Rutgers University-Camden study. The study—conducted by Nathan Link and Richard Stansfield, assistant professors of criminal justice at Rutgers-Camden, and Jeffrey Ward, an associate professor of criminal justice at Temple University—advances […]

Scammers don’t cheat because they need the money — they cheat because they’re cheaters

Credit: Carlos Sardá/public domain Why do people cheat? When we hear that a poor person scammed others out of money, we may attribute this behavior to their poverty, rationalizing that the person violated ethics and the law because they needed the money. But the rich and powerful also cheat: falsifying loan applications, evading taxes, and […]

Music was form of resistance for women during Civil Rights Movement

When Nina Simone belted out “Mississippi Goddam” in 1964, she gave voice to many who were fighting for equal rights during the Civil Rights Movement. The lyrics didn’t shy away from the anger and frustration that many were feeling. While this and other “freedom songs” were key in giving motivation and comfort to those fighting […]

Human Behavior Lab studies cheating as innate trait

Is cheating a product of the environment or a character trait? Dr. Marco Palma, director of the Human Behavior Lab at Texas A&M University and professor in the department of agricultural economics, and Dr. Billur Aksoy, assistant professor of economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, took a closer look at cheating during periods of […]

‘Fake news,’ diminishing media trust and the role of social media

Dani Madrid-Morales is assistant professor of Journalism at the University of Houston Jack J. Valenti School of Communication Credit: University of Houston The term “fake news” has been popularized by President Donald Trump in recent years, and while its meaning has been hotly debated, the spreading of false information to fulfill a political agenda is […]