Oldest, Most Distant Disk Galaxy Found 12.3 Billion Light Years Away

Astronomers have discovered the oldest and farthest disk galaxy ever that is challenging the current understanding of how galaxies were formed in the early universe. So far, the studies have found that these massive systems, consisting of stars, gases, and dust, took their shape slowly and gradually over billions of years because at the beginning […]

Socially distant but virtually together- Tempemail – Blog

Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side of certain situations, and this definitely feels like one of those times. But the truth is that we can extract lessons from basically everything and Covid-19 is no different. Since it’s very likely that you are already on top of all the negative news surrounding the coronavirus […]

NASA Telescope Idea Could Spot Vegetation on Distant Exoplanets

NASA is funding research for a conceptual telescope called a “solar gravitational lens” (SGL) that could allow us to observe distant exoplanets at an astonishing resolution — a futuristic endeavor that could help find out once and for all if we are alone in the universe. The project received Phase I and II funding under […]

This distant world is a lot like Earth, but you wouldn’t want to live there

An artistic representation of the exoplanet K2-18b. (Alex Boersma/) If you could pack a hot air balloon onto an interstellar spaceship and travel 110 light years to a certain planet orbiting a dim star in the constellation Leo, you’d have an experience not entirely unlike ballooning on Earth. The temperature, pressure, and moist air could […]

Distant ‘heavy metal’ gas planet is shaped like a football

This artist’s illustration shows WASP-121b, a distant world that is losing magnesium and iron gas from its atmosphere. The observations represent the first time that heavy metals have been detected escaping from a “hot Jupiter,” which is a large, gaseous exoplanet that orbits very close to its host star. WASP-121b’s orbit is so close that […]