‘This isn’t cannabis 2.0’: are psychedelics the next frontier for advertising?- Tempemail – Blog

In February, Decca Aitkenhead found herself taking magic mushrooms on a beach in Jamaica. She took a friend, ratioed one bad trip to two good, came some way to processing her dealings with mortality and experienced one of the best days of her life. Then she came home and wrote all about it for The […]

COBOL Isn’t The Issue: A Misinterpreted Crisis

Is history doomed to repeat itself? Or rather, is there really any doubt that it isn’t, considering recent events that made the news? I am of course talking about New Jersey’s call for COBOL programmers to fix their ancient unemployment system, collapsing under the application spikes caused by the COVID-19 lockdown. Soon after, other states joined in, […]

A ban on flavored vaping products could help signal to teens that vaping isn’t as safe as they think

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European Central Bank bigwig outlines why Facebook’s Libra isn’t real cryptocurrency

A representative of the European Central Bank (ECB) has slammed Facebook‘s quasi-cryptocurrency Libra, referring to its proposed ecosystem as a “siren call.” Yves Mersch, Luxemborgian lawyer and ECB executive board member, even told attendees of the European System of Central Banks’ legal conference the Libra ecosystem will be “cartel-like.” After prefacing his concerns with a […]

Fires in the Amazon have given us a lot to worry about, but the Earth’s oxygen supply isn’t one of them

Fire consumes a forested area near Jaci Parana in northern Brazil last week. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres/) Fires in the Amazon rainforest have captured attention worldwide in recent days. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who took office in 2019, pledged in his campaign to reduce environmental protection and increase agricultural development in the Amazon, and he appears […]

BBC’s English language lesson about cryptocurrency isn’t terrible

The BBC is helping non-native English speakers sharpen up their cryptocurrency language skills and knowledge with a 6-minute primer on Bitcoin. In today’s episode of BBC Learning English hosts Catherine and Sam discuss cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Facebook’s controversial digital currency Libra. If you’re a seasoned Bitcoin boffin, don’t expect to learn anything new. This 6-minute […]

Melting ice probably isn’t causing extreme winter weather, but there is a connection

For decades, experts have observed that melting ice in the Arctic (caused by climate change) coincides with unusually bitter winters at lower latitudes. (Flickr/) Climate change skeptics often point to recent, record-breaking winters as evidence against global warming. But in reality, greenhouse gases may be just as responsible for extreme winters as they are for […]

The Galaxy Tab S6 shows Samsung isn’t giving up the tablet fight

It’s no secret that Android tablets are in an awkward position. While Apple’s iPad remains an important part of its product line-up, even Google has given up on making an equivalent. But Samsung hasn’t given up on Android tablets just yet. Today it announced the Galaxy Tab S6. It’s clear the tablet has taken some inspiration from the new […]