‘You lot can’t rattle me’: John Boyega defends explicit anti-racism posts in wake of George Floyd death | Film- Tempemail – Blog

John Boyega has been praised for a series of uncompromising social media posts speaking out about racism in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Boyega’s initial Tweet, “I really fucking hate racists”, currently has 1.3m likes, but came in for criticism for Boyega’s hard-hitting tone and use of an […]

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update to Release on May 7, Miramar 2.0 Map and a Lot More Expected

PUBG Mobile is all set to receive a new update next month. Tencent Games has confirmed that version 0.18.0 update will roll out for the mobile game on May 7. The popular battle royale game looks to add a host of new features with this update. A recent leak suggested that the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 […]

This distant world is a lot like Earth, but you wouldn’t want to live there

An artistic representation of the exoplanet K2-18b. (Alex Boersma/) If you could pack a hot air balloon onto an interstellar spaceship and travel 110 light years to a certain planet orbiting a dim star in the constellation Leo, you’d have an experience not entirely unlike ballooning on Earth. The temperature, pressure, and moist air could […]

Humans started transforming Earth a lot earlier than we thought

Humans started farming and keeping livestock hundreds of years earlier than thought before. (Andrea Kay/) Today, humans are changing the planet at an unprecedented rate. Despite the threat of climate change, we’re increasing our fossil fuel emissions. We’ve also imperiled up to one million species and altered over 70 percent of the land’s ice-free surface. […]

Insta360’s GO camera packs a lot of features in a tiny, wearable package

Insta360 today launched its GO camera, a wearable shooter that’s about as big as your thumb. I’ve had my mitts on one for a couple of weeks and I’m simply twitterpated with its clever engineering and thoughtful trough of accessories. The GO’s meant to be worn or stuck somewhere. Its back is magnetic so it’ll […]

Roadkill hurts a lot more than just animals. A new bill aims to ease the pain.

This story was originally published on Outdoor Life. The state of Montana has determined that a bighorn ram has a public value of about $30,000. (Max Pixel/) If you don’t think roadkill can take a bite out of hunters’ opportunity, just ask Bruce Sterling. Since 1985, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologist […]

Fires in the Amazon have given us a lot to worry about, but the Earth’s oxygen supply isn’t one of them

Fire consumes a forested area near Jaci Parana in northern Brazil last week. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres/) Fires in the Amazon rainforest have captured attention worldwide in recent days. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who took office in 2019, pledged in his campaign to reduce environmental protection and increase agricultural development in the Amazon, and he appears […]

In science, questions matter a lot. Men are more likely than women to ask them

Credit: CC0 Public Domain When Beryl Cummings asked her first-ever question in the auditorium at a genetics conference, she chose a topic she knew a lot about, formulated her question as meticulously as she could, and addressed her query to a female presenter. In science, questions matter a lot, said Cummings, who was then working […]