A ban on flavored vaping products could help signal to teens that vaping isn’t as safe as they think

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Concentrated cannabis is much stronger than weed and it’s gaining popularity—especially with teens

Nearly a quarter of all eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade students surveyed in Arizona had used cannabis concentrate at one point. The product has as much as three times the THC as marijuana. (Pixabay/) Recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington state in 2012, and saw over 44 million individual purchases of the drug by 2017. […]

The CDC is investigating the link between vaping and a mysterious lung disease in teens

Will e-cigarettes lead to a rise in lung disease? (Pexels/) A serious illness has stricken nearly 100 people, mostly young adults and adolescents, across more than 14 states—and health officials don’t know yet what’s making them sick. But vaping could have something to do with it. The Center for Disease Control announced Saturday that it […]