Vaping Creates a “Slime Cloak” in Your Mouth, Scientists Say

It turns out that vaping can wreak havoc on your oral microbiome, the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that live in your mouth. Doctors analyzing plaque taken from the mouths of regular vapers found that their microbiomes had become “pathogen-rich,” Inverse reports, and that the bacteria had started to rapidly produce a layer of slime. That […]

Vaping Could Make Coronavirus Infection More Severe

Scientists say it’s reasonable to assume that smoking or vaping could make COVID-19 symptoms more severe once infected, according to Scientific American. To be clear, a direct link has yet to be investigated by researchers — but there’s plenty of evidence that smoking or vaping suppress immune function in the lungs and trigger inflammation. Scientists […]

A ban on flavored vaping products could help signal to teens that vaping isn’t as safe as they think

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Evidence shows Juul illegally marketed vaping as safer than smoking

Along with its warning letter, the FDA requested documents and data about the company’s “Make the Switch” and “Switching Program” campaigns, which encourage smokers to move from cigarettes to Juul. (Wikimedia Commons/) At a July House of Representatives subcommittee meeting on the youth nicotine epidemic in the United States, members of Congress heard testimony about […]

With three dead and hundreds sick, the CDC just issued a warning against all vaping

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that people stop vaping entirely until the source of a mysterious lung disease linked to the product is confirmed. (Pixabay/) E-cigarettes are often billed as being great tools for smoking cessation, but they’ve quickly risen to become the most commonly-used tobacco product among U.S. teens—including many […]

The CDC is investigating the link between vaping and a mysterious lung disease in teens

Will e-cigarettes lead to a rise in lung disease? (Pexels/) A serious illness has stricken nearly 100 people, mostly young adults and adolescents, across more than 14 states—and health officials don’t know yet what’s making them sick. But vaping could have something to do with it. The Center for Disease Control announced Saturday that it […]