World Environment Day 2020: How to Safely Dispose of Your E-Waste in India

E-waste recycling is an incredibly important issue we all need to think about. India is a huge market for electronic devices. We purchase phones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs on a regular basis. The market size is also getting bigger each day, thanks to the increase in our per-capita income and a relative drop in […]

World Health Organization Confirms New Ebola Outbreak in the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is now fighting a new Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization confirmed on Monday. The outbreak includes at least six infections and four fatalities in the country’s Équateur Province, The Telegraph reports. The new outbreak poses a serious challenge, as the Democratic Republic of Congo is already fighting a […]

On the run: lack of sport drives fans to madcap world of marble racing | Technology – Blog

“Can’t believe I watched this all the way to the end,” Gary Lineker tweeted early into Britain’s coronavirus crisis. “The lack of live sport is clearly getting to me.” He attached a 2-minute YouTube video in which a handful of marbles career down a twisting channel dug into sand, accompanied by a breathless commentary: “Marbles in the […]

In a polarised world, even checking facts on Twitter becomes politicised | Kenan Malik | Opinion- Tempemail – Blog

Like many Twitter debates, the war of words that broke out last week between Donald Trump and the social media company may seem inconsequential, even infantile. However, the spat raises important questions about the relationship between the public, technology companies and the state, especially in a polarised America. On Tuesday, Twitter attached a health warning […]

World Anti-Doping Agency Looks to Artificial Intelligence to Catch Dopers

With sports around the world shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, the World Anti-Doping Agency is looking to artificial intelligence as a new way to detect athletes who cheat. WADA is funding four projects in Canada and Germany, looking at whether AI could spot signs of drug use which might elude even experienced human investigators. […]

Brazil police raid 29 addresses in inquiry into rightwing fake news network | World news- Tempemail – Blog

Brazilian police have raided addresses linked to some of Jair Bolsonaro’s most ardent online cheerleaders as part of an investigation into a fake news network investigators reportedly suspect could be linked to the president’s son. The operation’s targets were an eclectic and influential cast of hardcore Bolsonaristas including a former Femen activist-turned-anti-abortion-militant; a comic and […]

Use of Cloud Collaboration Tools Surge Across the World and So Do Attacks | Tempemail – Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to adapt to new government-mandated restrictions on workforce movement around the world. The immediate response has been a rapid adoption and integration of cloud services, particularly cloud-based tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Slack and other video conferencing platforms like Zoom. A new report by security firm McAfee shows […]

5 Innovative Start-ups Making Offices More Secure In A Post COVID World- Tempemail – Blog

Read Article The month of June weighs heavy on safety protocols as the lockdown will be lifting. In a phased manner, offices will resume operations with an entirely new set of priorities. Regular sanitisation of common areas before shifts and staggered lunch and break timings while maintaining social distancing are among the norms in a […]

How did the Covidsafe app go from being vital to almost irrelevant? | World news – Blog

It was sold as the key to unlocking restrictions – like sunscreen to protect Australians from Covid-19 – but as the country begins to open up, the role of the Covidsafe app in the recovery seems to have dropped to marginal at best. “This is an important protection for a Covid-safe Australia,” the prime minister, […]